A multiplayer resource gathering game with a steampunk twist.

  status: on hold

In a Nutshell

The Game

Take up the role of prospector, hunting for the rare and mysterious substance called Amberfell. Amberfell is a golden fluid rising from deep within the Earth’s crust. It is beautiful and desired, but its true value is only available to the clever and patient. Given the right treatment, it can be refined into highly valuable crystals. You start with nothing, and will test your skill and wit against beasts, friends and enemies to become wealthy and unlock the secret powers within Amberfell.

In the remote wilderness, resources may seem scarce but everything is useful to the clever prospector, and you will need your wit to overcome natural hazards, beasts and enemies. Your first priority is to construct a base, offering protection from the wolves and bears that hunt the area. A simple campfire will ward off wild animals at night and a secure stockade and weapons will bring safety during the day. Campfires in the darknessCampfires in the darkness

Once the base is established, the prospector can seek out sources of Amberfell and the raw materials needed to build a pump to extract the fluid and a condenser to convert it into crystals.

That’s when the real fun starts.

Cue dramatic music!

Crystals of Amberfell unlock the power of automation: bring life to machines! Through intricate circuitry, Amberfell can be used to create the artificial brains of automatons, and its raw, fluid state can be the construct’s life-blood that powers movement and accessories. Prospectors can sacrifice some of their Amberfell supply, creating steam-powered mechanical assistants in their quest for ever more Amberfell.

Combining the Amberfell-fuelled brain with an engine, wheels or legs, sensors and a few manipulators, empowers the creation of all kinds of machine assistant.

Automaton minions can also be programmed with basic instructions to seek out other prospectors and steal their crystals, drain their pumps, and wreak havoc.

Status: On hold

I started development of Amberfell in March 2012 and paused it later on that year. In November 2012 I started a Kickstarter project for it. Despite getting some enthusiastic backers, I felt I wasn’t able to market the game and project wide enough to get enough backers and players to make it sustainable. I cancelled the Kickstarter in December 2012 before reaching the funding goal (so none of the signed up backers were charged). Development of Amberfell is currently on hold while I think through its ideas. However I’m now using the Amberfell name to cover all my activities in game development as Amberfell Labs.

Like it?

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